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Over the last 15 years we had the pleasure of mentoring hundreds of life coaches, but Jaxlyn is definitely one of the most talented of them all. Her mastery of the laws of attraction and her phenomenal ability to transform lives is truly a gift. She can read energy, immediately identify blocks & provide real solutions for clients no matter what problems they are facing. And the reason she can do this is because she lives what she teaches. She is a bold visionary truly dedicated to serving others and we are proud and honored to have her as a partner in the love revolution.

Anthony and Melanie Clark

The Amazing Clarks/Law of Attraction Life Coaching Academy
Anthony and Melanie Clark are award winning life and love coaches and founders of the Law of Attraction Life Coach Academy. The Clark’s groundbreaking therapy has taken them from TV shows like Dr, Drew to radio and magazines.

If you have been giving way to negative thoughts, or feelings, that have been keeping you in a specific box you want to break out of, you are going to connect with a woman who has so much high-energy, passion, wisdom, intelligence and innovation in her ideas.
I am a young entrepreneur. The services I offer vary greatly, and though my work is very creative and imaginative I found myself getting caught and wrapped-up in negative thoughts, and bad feelings. Mine are things like doubt, fear, frustration, anxiety, anger, a lack of perseverance, or just a general feeling of being trapped. I even left a successful business I owned, and quit on the idea of self-employment.
I did great. I had lots of promotions. Lots of new job opportunities. All of them were great, but all of them included working for someone else. Which is fine. If that’s what you want. I thought I did. I became comfortable. I became numb.
When I connected with Jax, she helped me reignite feelings, passions, and memories, and most importantly a success-thirsty attitude, which helped me unleash my power and forget my comfort zone. I quit all my jobs.
Today I do some weird, funky things. Things nobody else does, that I LOVE doing. Imagine you can get paid to do, what you LOVE doing.
I am ever grateful to Jax. For everything she’s ever said or done for me. For everything she’s ever shown me I can manifest, everything I can achieve, simply by being the TRUEST and PUREST and STRONGEST form of who I am.


Alex Kazam

Professional Performance Artist 
Alex Kazam is an award-winning entertainer, who specializes in mind-reading, and magic.
His appearances include national television, radio and thousands of live performances.
Follow him here:

When you think of your desires and goals and what you want to achieve in life, there is one amazing woman who can help you –JAXLYN! If your desire is a unique experience, then you found your woman. Jaxlyncombines a variety of disciplines to bring your experience to the next level. Working with Jaxlyn only means reaching your desired destiny.


Trisha Brown

Professional Voice Artist 
Trisha Brown is an incredible voice entertainer, who specializes in radio and television commercials, youtube videos, podcasts, e-learning, documentaries, audio theater and character roles.

Jaxlyn is an amazing coach! Her ability to listen, and her kind and loving nature allow her to be there for her clients and connect with them on a positive and personal level. She has personally helped me overcome some of my darkest fears and triggers she has been able to help me to let go of the negative self doubt/talk and given me the tools to know that I am worthy of all things that are good. She is funny, high spirited and so positive. She radiates love, positivity and possesses a zest for life that is just amazing. She has helped me transform my life and start me on the path of positive thinking, self confidence, self empowerment and self love.




I hired Jaxlyn to help me heal issues I had with my back and pelvis, since having my 2 babies. All I have to say is: Jaclyn IS INCREDIBLE. You get the very best from her every time you work with her. Not only is she professional, knowledgeable and engaging, she has an attentive and inspirational spirit that will lift you up every time you see her. I have found her to meet me exactly where I am at every time and yet help me move forward with ease and grace. She is fabulous at what she does and has a heart of gold. I am so grateful for having the opportunity to work with her and I highly recommend her to anyone that has been putting taking care of themselves on “the back burner”. She is a phenomenal teacher and an even more beautiful soul. Thanks Jax!!!



Business Owner

Jaxlyn is an unstoppable driving force! She keeps me in motion, she energizes me and keeps me real. She will not hesitate to call me out when needed but always in a loving way as she wants me to be the best version of myself. Jaxlyn reminds me all the time how much fun life is and when I take her advice and focus on my passions, everything falls into place and I really enjoy myself!



Psychotherapist/Theta Healer

Jaxs is just perfect.
She is not easy to describe without making it sound like exaggeration.
Try to keep up with her if you can.


Jaxlyn is a super spunky soul with a great zest for life and commitment to helping others unlock their own potential–through body AND mind! She is friendly, fun, insightful and wise, all with a modern day flair–kind of like that friend you can tell all your secrets too!

Sherri DeWolf

Business Owner
Deeply Creative & St. Clair Surf Wear

She gives me the kick in the butt I need. I may curse her time to time but at the end of the day I appreciate everything that she has done and is continuing to do for me!


Love this Girl! Our time with her was so enjoyable. Thanks Jax for you!

Lisa H

Jax is first and foremost a friend! She is a great person to have in your corner when you need some inspiration!


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