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I offer an 8 week transformational life development program.

Legendary Lover.

Becoming a Legendary Lover & Creating love that lasts begins with loving yourself.You are only a slight change in vibration away from the love life of your dreams, having mind-blowing orgasms, living a spiritually fulfilled life, attracting your soulmate and creating love that lasts a lifetime.

My name is Jaxlyn King and I am so excited to be working together. You are about to ride the most incredible wave of your life.

I work with high-vibe, heart-centered, men and women; who have decided to take responsibility for their life; emotions and attitude — they have committed to a lifelong-adventure of spiritual growth. They are aligning their heads with their hearts to unleash the powerful and confident King’s and Queen’s that reside within them. They are using this energy to create their dream life, have luxurious relationships, indulge in delicious sex (every night!), and experience real authentic connections with people.




Legendary Lover is a program that will ELEVATE your life, some of the things you will learn:

  • how to easily and effortlessly maintain a vibration of love so you can consistently fill yourself up, have endless energy, and joyfully serve others.
  •  how to apply the principles of the law of attraction (LOA) to become the creator of your life and to attract your soulmate, as well as using the LOA to grow love in all of your relationships.
  • meditation techniques to get into alignment and release resistance quickly and efficiently.
  • how to balance your hormones and increase estrogen and testosterone to maintain polarity and desire in your romantic relationship — resulting in: lower stress levels, increased sex drive, increased desire and passion for each other, incredible sex, intimacy, and orgasms.
  • How to use the 80/20 rule to create fulfilling and loving relationships.
  • how to balance your masculine and feminine energy within yourself to create a soulmate relationship with your partner.
  • The basics of tantric sex to merge your sexuality and spirituality to deepen the intimacy with your partner and with your spiritual selves.
  • how to support a woman’s needs/emotional needs throughout her menstrual cycle to maintain peace, happiness, and ease on a day-to-day basis.
  • How to help a woman feel fulfilled while simultaneously turning her on and increasing her sexual desire.
  • How to recognize the right partner for you.
  • How to create quality dating experiences without disappointment.
  • How to EAT to have better sex, endless energy, more passionate love, inner peace and a stress free life.
  • How to fall deeper in love with your partner year after year.
  • AND so much more!!

You will end the program with a blueprint and the steps needed to create your legendary love life.

If you would like to discover if this program is a fit for you, please click the link below to schedule your FREE 45 minute Breakthrough Call. Don’t let chance dictate the path your life will take. Take the first step towards achieving all of your desires and living your legendary life. Book your call today.

I look forward to connecting with you soon,


“Jaxlyn’s mastery of the laws of attraction and her phenomenal ability to transform lives is truly a gift. She can read energy, immediately identify blocks & provide real solutions for clients no matter what problems they are facing. And the reason she can do this is because she lives what she teaches.”


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